Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Show and Share

It's always so much fun to see what you have been working!
Lisa H. brought in her nearly competed collection of Christmas Stockings
She has one more to go!

And last month, Martha brought in her darling Halloween project!  She modified the design by Threads That Bind, Autumn Night and instead of it being square with tabs all around it, she simplified it by making it more round.

Competed projects inspire me!!  And the funny thing is, we all have something that is nearly complete - it's just making time to finish it off.

Having Open Studio hours on Wednesday has been working out well - at least there is a steady stream of woolies coming through :)  I am trying to keep my calender updated on this blog (one of the tabs up above) but it is a good idea to call if you are coming from out of town just to double check.  I am a one girl business and sometimes things come up.  Life!  Tomorrow I have a prior commitment from about 12:30 - 2:30 but I will be here from 9:00-12:15 and then after 2:30 until 6 or so.  And please feel free to call me any other day.  I am happy to accommodate your schedule.

I'm getting closer to finishing my Poppies rug and really cant wait to have it done.
Hope you are finding the time you want to create!  It's such a wonderful thing.


Gayle said...

How fun to see all of Lisa's projects! Would you believe hubby & I have never had Christmas stockings? I made some for my kids when they were small (of course) but never got any for us - sigh.....

Your poppy rug is looking good - Jeanette has finished hers - I snapped a picture of it yesterday and hope to share it on my blog soon...

Gayle said...
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