Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Woolen Needle

It is a bitter sweet thing when our children grow up to be 
big people and move thousands of miles away!
You can't help but be so happy for them to be living out their own dreams,
and yet your heart pines for time with them.

Our oldest has recently graduated with his fancy PHD and moved from the 
hustle and bustle of the DC area to the quiet university town of
Iowa City where he now teaches at the University of Iowa.
Time for a trip to see where they are living and soak in 
some sweet time with those darling kiddos!!

I couldn't get enough of the beautiful fields of corn and the rolling country side and 
the meticulous farms and barns.  We took a little ride one afternoon to visit a shop
I have known about for years.  

I have a patient husband who will stop on a dime for a photo.
I sure love that man!

If I could transport this to my backyard!!

So peaceful

The thirty minute drive from Iowa City went by in a blink!

The Woolen Needle

It was a chilly afternoon but Liam agreed to come along for the ride.
He and Papa explored the park in the town square of Williamsburg and
spent a little time sampling jerky a few doors down.

 That gave me a bout 30 minutes to soak up this darling shop!  

I was able to bring home some new fall patterns that I hope to kit up this week.

They have just about everything a wool gatherer would want in this charming little shop!
Rug hooking patterns and hooks…scraps and so many samples of darling projects.

A giant basket of scraps!  (Glad to know that I'm not the only one who saves every little bit!)

Everything was in perfect order.  So warm and inviting.

 Oh, the wall of wool!!

 The ladies were apologizing that the store was on the empty side!  Empty??  Looked pretty well
loaded to me!  I guess they owners had taken a lot of the new things to a big show in Des Moines.

A little something for everyone here.  I was in heaven!

If you are ever in this neck of the woods,  I highly recommend this darling shop!

This project stole my heart!  Can't wait to make my own.
It's called "Peaceful" by The Woolen Needle

SO much eye candy!
It fed my creative spirit.

 So if you are craving some beautiful wool and 

some warm and friendly service, be sure and visit The Woolen Needle!
{Ladies, I have your names on a piece of paper somewhere…thanks you for your kindness!}

You will love your time there!

(Eek! Look at all of that beautiful Valdani thread!)

Happy harvest time and
Happy fall everyone xo

One more thing...have you made your velvet pumpkin yet? 
They are a snap to make and so, so beautiful!
They kids made their own in just a short time!

{I have a fresh supply of hand dyed velvet in the studio!}


Country Prims said...

Absolutely stunning shop. I am just drooling! So glad to have found your blog-your studio is simply amazing also. Truly inspirational! I hope you don't mind me asking but 'timeless traditions' blog showed a quilt on her blog that you made with patchwork sample blocks and patchwork sheep on the bottom. Just wondering is there a pattern please? Thanks, Shazy

deerhollow said...

Shazy, Thanks for your kind words! That quilt was actually a round robin that my small sewing circle helped me do. I don't have a pattern for it. I have had many requests for one. I would need to find out the sources the girls used to make their strips. Let me do some research on that for you.

Country Prims said...

Thanks Leisa! Even I had the sheep row, I could probably devise an adaptation of the others- ( if that made it easier)
Thanks for your help:) Shazy