Sunday, February 6, 2011

Miss Rosie

The last post seemed kinda crazy to me, so I thought I would save the post about Miss Rosie for a post all it's own.  It's always fun to meet someone "famous". Carrie was at Winterfest as the visiting national teacher.  You can visit her web site here. I really enjoyed her trunk show and chatting with her on the last day.  Happy for me, some of my wool went home with her in her suitcase.  I wish her success and also some quiet time amidst her crazy busy schedule. She is a lovely person.

Miss Rosie from the famed Schnibbles patterns shared some pretty sweet quilts with us and and great stories, too! I was most impressed with her generosity after the show.  She told everyone they could come and examine the quilts on the table and ooh and awe over the beautiful machine quilting her quilters had done on the quilts.  She adds some great little thoughts as labels on the back of some of her quilts. Loved that! Loved being inspired.

Carrie is in the black vest - I thought this candid shot was perfect!  She loves to chat with the girls.

What A Week! Winterfest 2011

Last Tuesday I got to tote some of my wool scraps to our Needles & Friends guild class.  My cute friend Kris (center photo) was teaching.  She found the most beautiful pillow at Anthropologie and worked with the most talented Jessica (bottom left) who drew up the design for her! It was a great class. The pillows everyone was creating will be stunning.  They will be using little scraps of wool as well as scraps of upholstery fabrics.  I am the very happy owner of the cream one Kris is showing in the photo.  It was the best Christmas gift ever!

Winterfest 2011

We enjoyed our time at Winterfest, a quitling retreat attended by over 100 wonderful, happy, and creative ladies.  It was great to observe and  meet some very sweet people.  We learned a lot about the crazy fun industry of quilting.  I loved those girls at the Corn Wagon who were wonderful "neighbors" and my granddaughter Molly's BFFs. Daniels Summit was a beautiful place. 

We were able to work on some projects during our down time.

It's never too early to start working on something for Christmas!

Thursday morning was one of the most beautiful mornings I ever saw!
We left Midway just after 7:00am and the entire valley looked like this. Absolutely spectacular.

The girls from Pine Needles

Little Miss Molly, just happy to be with all the ladies toting around her mommy's purse. 

The Lazy Daisy Cottage, all the way from St. George.

 I didn't really get any great photos - my camera's battery died
shortly after we arrived and I didn't bring the charger.  Yay for 
the cell phone camera.  This was our corner of the room.

The insides of one of my kits :)
Lesson learned: The ladies to love to buy a kit!

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