Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh, Ladies!

Oh, Ladies!  What a weekend we had!  I am still trying wrap my brain around Friday night.  It was quite unbelievable to us.  We want to thank everyone that came and helped celebrate our 10 year anniversary of our business. I say "our" because it truly is a family endeavor and I could never do what I do without the incredible support I receive from my sweet family.

I wish I would have been able to visit more with everyone!  It was easier to do on Saturday as things were at a much more quiet pace.  But let me just say that the energy in this studio on Friday night would have propelled us all to the moon and back if we could have bottled it up! You ladies are the best and I appreciate your love, support, encouragement and enthusiasm so very much! Thank you for your patience as you waited in line for a very long time, for sharing your one dollar bills when we ran out and for any prayers that went up silently, in behalf of a future cash register!  (There may just be one in our future!)   We sold out of all of our little wool bundles and so many kits.  When it was all over I looked at Lindsey and said - we don't have enough to sell tomorrow! Our coolest-ever-husbands stepped up to the plate and helped us put together more kits, bundles and favors.  We worked until the wee hours of the morning.

 Thank you Thank you Thank you ~ to EVERYONE!

We are so very sorry that some of the kits we "set aside" for earlier orders were unknowingly swept up by others.  We are working our hardest to get every kit ordered to its rightful-owner!

After nearly two years,  I got my Pillow Cover Patterns into a book!  We printed 50 copies and sold most of them.  That was very exciting!!  However...I am quickly learning how much work it is to put a book together and how difficult it is to catch the many errors that have been popping up despite the many proof readings we have done!  I will be linking some specific corrections soon on the blog.  If one of these errors has given you heartache,  I apologize from the bottom of my heart.  Come see me and I will give you a woolie hug!

I received an email from a cute customer on Friday.  Here is a portion of it:
Hi Lisa.  I am so looking forward to coming to your open house tonight.  I am bringing another friend from Layton and picking up Loraine and Julie from Brigham on the way....then hooking up with the Hyde Park girls.  Amazing how wool gathers us all together!  You are probably in a frenzy today and may not even see this email before we all descend on you ...

I share this because it is so very true how our desire to create and be with others who love to create is such a need in so many of us!

This is inspiring.  This is a video of a portion of a talk given at an LDS general conference 4 or 5 years ago.  I am not on a religious soapbox of any kind, but I do believe he is speaking to all of us. He is one of my favorites!
Have a look HERE - it's only about 2 minutes in length.

It is a beautiful thing to share our talents and ideas with each other.   I love seeing the projects you are creating!  Last week some friends brought by their Pennies From Heaven Quilts which are almost completed.  Wow!  You could sit and look at them all day long. What treasure they will be.

We are listening to your comments and suggestions. I would love to have a couple of scheduled days or nights each month to have an Open Studio where we can gather to stitch and share what we are working on.  Watch the calender above.  We have had many requests for classes too so we will get right on that as well.  Thanks for your patience and suggestions.  Please keep the comments and emails coming!

We were far too busy to pick up the camera during the open house.  Saturday afternoon I took some photos so you can see some of the beautiful projects that Mariann Golich shared with us.

The one and only, Mariann Golich.  
Her work is just beautiful and she is such a treasure!!

 Thank you Mariann!!

Lots of eye candy in the studio.
Everyone got to pick an egg for a fun prize or extra percent off.
Our favors this year were Pea Pod Pin Cushion Kits
honoring the color of the year - Emerald Green
and celebrating that Spring is just around the corner
with yummy felted wool balls in this adorable little pin cushion!

 If you are wishing for a fun wool project to stitch up for the Spring...come on over!
Just give me a ring to make sure I am home.

Orange Citrus Punch
(from my cute Mom, Joan!)

Make a simple syrup by bringing to boil two cups of water & 2 cups sugar.
Let this cool. Add the following to the cooled syrup and mix together in a pitcher:
1 large can orange juice
1 large can lemonade
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract
To a large punch bowl with ice, pour half of the orange juice mixture and add one bottle of soda.
Reserve the other half for a second round with the 2nd bottle of soda
Two 2 Liter Bottles of Sprite, Ginger Ale, Club Soda... whatever you like.
(Mariann said a little Rum sounded great to her ;) 

Slice some oranges to make it pretty.
Everyone who tries this LOVES it!

Happy Spring everyone!
And thanks again for a very memorable weekend!
We really treasure your friendship!