Sunday, March 22, 2015

Be Brave

Guild: an organized group of people who have joined together because they share the same job or interest; especially: an association of people who made and sold goods in the middle ages.

So there you go! Guilds have been around for a long time.

I especially loved this definition from

"We create environments and experiences that evoke creativity and inspire interaction through technology, art, architecture and the intersections between."

That is my hope in my wanderings with my little business and studio:  To create an environment and experiences that evoke creativity and inspires interaction one with another.  I feel it actually blesses our lives to share and work beside one another.  I believe teaching can profoundly affect the teacher and the student.  It is a glorious thing that causes such growth and admiration.

My experience at the workshop put on by Utah Rug and Fiber Guild with Diane Stoffel.


So above are my two inspiration pieces.  We fell in love with the gorgeous painting
at the Museum of Art at BYU a couple of years ago.  
(The Agony in the Garden by Danish artist, Frans Schwartz, 1898) 
They had an amazing exhibit of alter pieces from Europe.  
It is such a beautiful piece.

The print size we chose is too small to stand alone 
so I decided to create a little gallery wall in our living room.
What to pair with a painting of Christ?
I decided on the tree of life and small watercolor of 
a sheep that I we bought from a friend years ago.

The collection of trees above were inspiration for the little piece I would be
hooking at the workshop. Using the colors and shapes to create my representation of theTree of Life.

I had my work cut out for me since I really only had a vision and no "plan".  As you can see below, most hookers will begin with a well drawn out design and then work on the color planning.  I hoped that the teacher would have guidance for me! And lots of patience :)

I got right to work.  I believe when you create from the heart something special happens and 
it is a very neat process to work through.  I knew in my mind and heart what I hoped this 
tree would "feel" like.  I  wanted something organic and watercolor-like. 

Shelley is working on a little rug of one of her darling Alpaca's.  
She is was an inspiration because she is just a beginner and is jumping right in with both feet!
And one day I hope to be able to show you Marliss's Mermaid!  She was so fun to sit by :)

In settings like these you find heart touching stories that inspire works of art out of love.
I don't know the very details of Michelle's story, but that she lost a darling baby boy
at the tender age of 7 months.  He would have been 23 this year.  
One of her dear friends' husband is a very gifted artist and he drew this rug
design for her.  (This friend is a remarkable artist in her own right!!)
For the story goes that they nick named their dear baby boy, the Tin Man,
because he needed a heart that worked.
This piece will be a treasure!

We took a some time to look at the progress of each other's rugs.  
Some prefer not to have their work online and I respect their wishes.

Gayle is whom I credit introducing me to this fine Guild in Utah.
We met each other through our blogs :)

So lots of teaching and demonstrating and hours of time on our rugs.
Diane had an interesting philosophy with her teaching.  She didn't bring her
own rugs to show and I was quite surprised by that.  In her cute New England way, she said, "What would the purpose of that be?  It's one thing to show you I know how to do what I am trying to teach you - but the important thing is to get each of you to do what I try to teach you."

I have thought about that a lot over the past few days.  
It makes complete sense to me now, and I love it!
It's like teaching a man to fish rather than feeding him, right??
It is the hope I have when I try to teach others.  
Encouraging them to do their own thing, find their own voice.  
Be brave.  
It isn't easy to do as a teacher or as a student.  
But when it happens, it is glorious! 

A gathering of like-minded people.  
Such an inspiring place to be!

Where people like Pat give hours of their time and creativity.

Little surprises were shared with us over the three days with the Cape Cod theme.

Pieces finally completed get cheers from everyone!  
Beautiful job, Lisa!

Dedicated people who show up with a smile on their face
despite the fact that they are not feeling up to being out of bed.
Londi and Pat are incredible organizers!

And in the end there are friendships formed and mentors made.  
We have so much teach each other and so much to learn from each other.
I encourage you to get out there and do something you love.
Be Brave!

It will be worth it.
Thank you, Diane - you have taught us so much from your heart!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Open House

Many, many thanks for everyone who attended our Spring Open House! 

My sister always comes from out of town to help and this year she brought our cute mom
so she could see first hand what all the craziness is about!  We loved having her with us.
Besides, that road trip meant a stop for lunch at Maddox!

 She is the one who taught me my work ethics and she knew just what to do
and always asked us, "What next?" when she finished her task at hand.
She is a gem.

 My DH is always so supportive with all of this wooly business.  
I couldn't do it without his love and encouragement!

We had wonderful goodies this year!
Sweet, sweet friends who brought delicious platters of sweets.
I think Diana's scone recipe was the hit of all time!
Orange and Cranberry.  No one can make them quite like she does!
If you want to have a try, she uses this recipe.

And my daughter Lindsey is who really makes this open house possible!  
She is the calm and level headed one who keeps me organized and remembers all the details I get to busy to even think about!  She has been working tirelessly to get our new website prepared to launch.  I really count my lucky stars that is so willing to help partner this crazy endeavor of mine!  Mom, you are still darling even if you blink 55% of the time you photo is taken :)

These little Birds on a String were our thank you gift.  We will be sharing pattern
for them on our website so those who couldn't come can make your own at home.
I am pretty much smitten with them and have plans to
make several more sets in different color ways.
They will make the cutest gifts!!
(Mother's Day is coming!!)

A few pics from my sisters cell phone

This one cracks me up :)  A husband getting comfy on the sofa, getting a 
little shuteye while basking the sunshine while his wife shops! 

I LOVE to see what you have been working!  Thanks so much for sharing!
(Above, Julie with her hooked rug!)

Kathryn sharing her adorable pincushions! This girl is prolific with her creations and 
is always making darling gifts for her family and friends.

The photo above is Susan's version of Robin's Return. 
 She reduced the pattern size and it is just as cute as can be!  
We still have a few kits for the two projects listed below.  
They are cute patterns from Threads That Bind.

Robin's Return

Patriotic Picnic
(yep, the kit does include all of the pennies cut and ready to go!)

It was a success and wonderful day!  My family was still smiling after all was said
and done, so that made me happy!  Thanks to everyone who made it possible and 
for all of you darling wool gatherers for supporting us!!

Watch for our new website coming the end of this month!!