Tuesday, October 2, 2012


A few weeks ago I got a tip from a friend who called to tell me I just had to sneak away to see one of the homes in the Historical Home Show!  "She does that really cool thing you do with wool - you know not the crocheting, but whatever that other thing you do with the little tiny strips..."  Did she mean Rug Hooking? Well let's just say that I was so happy that I dropped everything for a minute to go have a look.

It was the home of Sharon Verdine and her artist husband, Ernie.  (I had just been admiring his work in the Gallery the day before so I was thrilled to get to meet him and see Sharon again!)  I had met Sharon at a rug hooking meeting last fall. WHAT TALENT!!
Their home is charming and I heard over and over again comments like, "This is my very favorite of all of the homes I have seen!"  "They have really put life back into this home not only decorating, but living the beautiful, simple, artistic life that once was so long ago." I couldn't agree more! It was exquisite, every square inch! When you first walked in, you were greeted with this cute little chicken rug.  Seeing that rug on the floor - I knew this woman was not only a very accomplished rug hooker - but prolific in her work. She makes rugs for not only the art, but for the utilitarian purpose they were intended for........once upon a time!  Sharon warmly visited with everyone...she is a gem!

 Charm around every corner...and the sweet light coming through the windows.  
It was magical.

Her hooked rugs and projects are right at home in every room. 
 Her studio had such a peaceful calm to to it.  
Her collection of antique pieces were very artfully displayed and warmly and lovingly used.
 I could move into this wonderful home quite easily and be very much at home here!

What a coincidence that I had just visited the newly opened Logan Fine Arts Gallery the day before and had been admiring Ernie's work there! I love his style and the rich color pallet he paints from. He has a blog here.  I "borrowed the photos of him painting from a fairly recent article about him  in the Herald Journal.  What a delight to meet him and see his studio. 

These two are certainly living the dream.  I am very happy for them and their content lifestyle.
Hopefully we can all follow our hearts!  Thanks for opening up your beautiful home to us, Verdines!!

:: :: :: 
 So on to a little business...
I want to thank everyone for their support in the Open House we held last Saturday.  It was such a beautiful day and so fun to see everyone.  Leslie was so generous in sharing her beautiful wool projects.  I sure love all of you lovely ladies!!  In order to promote this little blog, which will soon serve as a place of updates and class schedules - we are having a little contest!  

I realize that social media isn't everyone's thing - and some of us aren't as handy on the computer as others... but we (gently persuaded by my loving daughters...) have decided it is a fun and easy way to reach a lot of people and get updates out in a colorful way.  Like us on facebook or follow us on the blog.  Leave a comment about what you love about working with wool - hand stitching - your favorite project...etc, and we will have a drawing for two delightful prizes!
This contest will run for one week...Drawing will be held at 9 pm October 9th! 
(I'll post the winners Wednesday morning)

 Eighteen 6" x 8" pieces of yummy fall wool pieces ~ perfect for small projects and applique!
Three strips (8" x 16") of the gorgeous new hand dyed silk/rayon velvet!  Great to add into wool projects for beautiful shimmer and a pretty texture...not to mention the amazing silky hand it has!

 Also, if you purchased a pattern/kit for Stacked Jacks - you may have gotten one with out an important piece of the pattern.  A few were missing the page for the larger stacked jacks pillow pattern pieces.  I can that to you if you email me your address.  Sorry for the error and inconvenience. 

We had dye cut pieces for you to take home and create a cute little Pinterst-Inspired bookmark.  For your reference and inspiration...here is the photo we were inspired by.  Hope to see everyone soon!  we'd love to see what YOU have created!  Happy Stitching!


Jake Lindsey Molly Owen said...

you have such talent for capturing the moment/beauty in your photos.

what a beautiful hoouse they have! simplify! that's what I need to do with my home :)

loved the openhouse! what a fun day.

Gayle said...

I'm rughooker too, so that's what I'd use the wool for. Sharon is one of my best buds - her and Ernie are very talented and inspiring! I was so sad to have missed your Open House, but was home sick all weekend.

Becky Christensen said...

I am so sad that I could not make it over to the open house. The funeral of a great man in our ward had to be the priority. Your always have fun and I feel so much more creative after coming.
Have a wonderful fall season!

Sandy said...

I'm a hooker too, and I love the feel of wool in my hands and all the
beautiful colors. I'm a friend of Sharon's and she is just as wonderful as her home.

Jeanette Hobbs said...

I also get to enjoy Sharon's home, being her neighbor and friend. Sharon taught me to be a rug hooker and I so love the colors and texture and many different things you can do with wool.

Marilyn said...

Thanks to Gayle for sending your blog out to us rug hookers. I got hooked on rug hooking a few years ago and I just love all things wool. Please enter me in your drawing. I too know Sharon and it is always a treat when we go to her home and hook out in her garage in the summer. Thanks for these lovely photos!

Julie said...

Wool! What is more fabulous than wool? Wool and chocolate perhaps...

Wool reminds me of my German heritage and connects me with simpler days gone by. I love the cozy texture and feel of it.

So, when you announced your Open House I put it on my calendar in red pen and then I suffered through the USU Homecoming Parade crowd to get there. And I was so glad I did! I feel like I'm pampering myself when I sit down and work on a wool project. Sometimes I just sit down and look at my little collecting of wool and soak in the happiness!

Thank you for sharing your studio and talents with us!

Michelle Mortensen 435-881-0343 said...

I love everything about wool! Hand work on wool is probably my favorite. I also love to machine applique with it. I love to just look at it and run my hands over it. I love your wool!!

Carol said...

I was very very sad to miss the open house and Leslie's trunk show. I just love to collect the beautiful colors of wool you dye and excited to try out the velvet. You are a special friend.

Debi said...

Your Open House was delightful, full of inspiration and creativity! I enjoy wool because it is easy to take along,the ideas and projects never seem to end.

Shauna said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful talents with the world.

Kaye said...

Thanks to Leisa and her sweet daughters for a delightful time at the fall open house. You create beautiful products and projects - something for everyone. Love the new ribbons and trims. Plus - the soft ginger cookies were my favorite!!

bonnie said...

A very delightful afternoon at your open house. Came with good friends, saw good friends, and made new ones.SO fun thank you for the yummy food,the wonderful wool projects.Im new to sewing with wool, and find it very exciting, with all the beautiful projects u have to choose from......I have told my friends and family a about your shop and we will visit u soon.question, what days & hours are u open? Or is it by appointment only? Thanks again.

leslie said...

You have turned me into a lover of fine dyed wool! Nothing is softer or more addicting to work on! I'm loving every stitch! Thanks Leisa. Guess you could say I' a dyed in the wool fan. Blacksheep are my favorite!

Ann said...

I can't wait to try the new silk velvet on a project I just started! Leisa, thank you for sharing your fabulous and inspirational wool projects with me and many others over the last few years! I love wool and am definately addicted!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful taleted lady. I'm so pleased that you are sharing with all your new friends. Love your wool and fun kits you have put together.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to attend your heart warming open house. It was FANTASTIC! I was one of the girls who drove up from Pocatello
to attend. We had waited for it to arrive and it was as wonderful as we knew it would be!
I love to work with wool because it makes you feel warm all over when you are working with it and all the wonderful people you meet and
all the ideas that they are willing to share are the best. I now have a big basket full of projects of yours, Leisa that will keep me warm all winter long. - Judy M.(Pocatello)