Monday, August 3, 2015

Cycling Quilt for the Tour!

My dear friend, Carol and I got to collaborate on a quilt for the winner of the Women's Edition: Tour of Utah Criterium Classic race.  It was a great opportunity that stretched us both.  My inspirations was a stock photo of a man cyclist.  I morphed it into women racers and left the background wide open for Carol's magical quilting!  She did a fantastic job!

It was a big day for Logan to open the Tour of Utah this year!  Lots of excitement and bustling town!

Unfortunately the weather was pretty wet, but it didn't stop these cyclists!

Here the men head up the canyon to Bear Lake.

This is Allie Dragoo. She will finish first!! She was uncatchable.  
She is breezing through before her last lap.

Carol's quilting is just spectacular!

On the winners podium.  You can see my watch and Carol's feet behind the quilt :)

We got to go up on the podium and hold the quilt during the winners presentation.  Here Allie posed with us in her yellow jersey!  Pretty awesome!  She told us her mom or grandma quilts (don't remember now!) so she really appreciated it :)

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Jeanette Hobbs said...

That is so awesome. What a Great idea. Love the quilt.