Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Button Club?!

We enjoyed a mini vacation with most of our family this past weekend in Jackson Hole, WY.
One of my very most favorite places in the world!

 We had one glorious day of sunny, warm weather.

Canoeing, hiking and soaking in the last few hours of summer,

and giving Autumn a nice warm welcome!!

And then we woke up to this change in the weather.  Fall is definitely here!

We enjoyed some stitching time while the boys read.  
It was sweet.

a n d...

Molly and I started Nana's Button Club!  
We are pretty excited about our club.  We can't wait to get her cousin, Elsie on board with us!! Collecting is the best and what is more fun that cool buttons!? We decided we should all have some matching buttons and special ones we won't trade and some awesome ones we can trade!

These are the buttons Molly chose to start her collection with.  
What a sweet old jar!
We wondered what kind of bugs lived in there once upon a time...

One of the best parts about Nana's Button Club is
that we get to learn how to stitch and use a grown up needle that is sharp!

Could four years old be any cuter than this??

Here are some so so photos I snapped with my cell phone to give you a peek at our leaf samplers.
Inspired by Sue Spargo - the queen of fancy stitichin - we are on our own creative journey here.  No rules, just fun!  We aren't even sure what we will end up doing with these, but they are turning out pretty nifty!  It is a very fun way to experiment with embroidery stitches.  But be warned, it is pretty addictive once you get going....

Hope you are finding time to do the things you love this fall!


Gayle said...

BEAUTIFUL photo of the Tetons Leisa! How fun that your girls enjoy stitching with you - mine aren't interested in the least - I wonder what I did wrong? (sigh)

One of my favorite yard sale finds of all time was an old tin filled with tons buttons - and most of them were on a long piece of string. I can just imagine a 4-year old doing this when she visited grandma - you're making sweet memories!

Myra said...

This is the first time I've been to your blog. It's lovely. I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to you as you approach the anniversary of your sons passing. I know the heartache that you have endured for we too have been where you are now. May His peace which surpasses all understanding be with you now and forever.