Sunday, March 23, 2014

Inspiring Teacher

We have been looking into designing a headstone for our son.  It has been an interesting education as we have been searching for options that would might be a little more unique for him.  I came upon this video when some image searches of beautifully carved headstones linked to his website.  I like his style!  He seems to be a gifted craftsman as well as an incredible teacher.  It is worth a listen if you have six and a half minutes. His name is Ieuan Rees.  This video didn't imbed so you can make it larger, not sure why.  You could link to you tube here and watch it in a larger format.

His teaching style gives students confidence and faith in their work.  He doesn't believe in "rules" in teaching his craft to give students opportunities to explore new options.  My favorite statement he made was, "There's no such thing as mistakes, only solutions." I love that he teaches that we should learn from our mistakes,  that when we make a mistake it is actually a time to celebrate because what we have in our mind is better than what we see in front of us and how wonderful it is that we can then move forward and figure out the problem.  I think this is one of the most profound thoughts and ways of looking at learning from our mistakes I have ever come across.  I believe it flows over into many aspects of our lives.  Certainly something to think about.

A few of his beautiful headstones.  I think they are exquisite!

We are hoping to settle on a date for an open house in the next few days.  One of our daughters has recently moved her family into a new home and  I get to go back to DC to watch our son's children while they take a house hunting trip to Iowa.  Our youngest daughter graduates in May There are really no free weekends over the next few months. Finding a window where I will be here with enough time to prepare is tricky!  Life can be complicated at times!

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moosecraft said...

Wow! These are a beautiful way to honor a loved one's memory! I agree with Ieuan's teaching philosophy whole-heartedly! Truth be told... some of our most useful inventions were discovered "by mistake"... :-)