Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Full House!

We really enjoyed our time with all of you that came to our Fall Open House!  Thank you for your support and for your wonderful friendships!  It is so neat to see what you have been creating!  These gatherings seem to get a little bigger and better each time.  I have to smile when I look back on the first one we had in  2010.  I started this blog the following year.  {This links} to a slideshow on our family blog of our first Open House.  Take a peek at some fabulous Ronda creations!  She is a gem.  At that time I had just started designing projects and only had about a table full of wool for sale.  Our new studio has been a blessing.  Such a wonderful place to work and create as well as a sweet gathering place.

It was great to have my sister's family up for the weekend!  
They were a huge help in getting things ready and organized.

  A few of our guests!  
Shelley snapped these with her phone.  
What would we do without those little wonders!?

Suzanne and Judy shared a beautiful trunk show with us!  
What gorgeous pieces they have created.  We were all inspired.
 Christmas is just around the corner...

  Lots of eye candy!  

 Beautiful stitches.  I should have been better about some up close photos.
 Sheep and 12 months of woolie goodness!
 Pincushion Collection

 I couldn't have done it without you lovely ladies!
(Kaye...the cash register was a dream!)
 It seems there is a spot in the studio for everyone to create :)  Great job, Abbie!

 {She adds a sprinkling of Chocolate Chips before she puts the topping on}

Hope you all enjoy stitching up those those sweet little velvet pumpkins.  
This is such a wonderful time of year!

A few apologies...
It seems we left out the green piece of wool in the kits:

Wool Pillow & Table Runner 

I have had one call on that.  Please let me know if you purchased one of these kits and it is missing green for the stems.   We will get that mailed right out to you!

Cold Days Kit

Will be missing 3 cream wool pieces.  We caught that late Friday night and tried to pull them.  Please let us know if you have one of these kits as well and we will mail the missing wool to you! 

Again, please accept our apologies! 
We want every single customer to be happy and satisfied with their purchase.

Last of all, I have contacted Wooly Lady and Heart to Hand to order some of their patterns.  I will let you know when they are available.  We will be kitting the Autumn Wall Hanging that Suzanne shared with us.  (Pictured in this post above) The title of this pattern is Harvest Moon. 

We would love to hear any suggestions or comments from you!  

Happy Stitching


Gayle said...

Leisa - I absolutely LOVED attending your Open House - the energy and eye candy was SO fun to see and be a part of! Hope I can make it to the next one too!


WOW what a super great Open House. I wish you shop was located next to me.. ALl the wool creations were beautiful... I also really LOVED you pincushion collection and especially the one behind the pink pig..with the wee sheep... Is there a pattern for that one??? or kit??? Hugs Judy

deerhollow said...

Thank you , Judy! The pin cushions were part of the trunk show by Judy McLaughlin and Suzanne Chugg. I believe that many of those pincushions
are from a lady who designs/teaches them for Village Dry Goods in Brigham City. I can ask the ladies for you.
Thanks for coming! (Your Blog is beautiful!)

Rosemary said...

whose pattern is that banner by at the bottom of the page? I love it!

deerhollow said...

Thanks, Rosemary. That design is one of mine. I do have patterns for it. We are out of town right now but I will be back in the studio on Monday the 27th