Sunday, February 3, 2013


We were invited to teach two classes at Winterfest this year.  It is held at Daniels Summit, south of Heber. It just happened to be the worst possible day for driving!  We had a crazy ice storm hit - Sardine was closed and long story short:  We arrived almost 1 1/2 hours late for the first class.  The ladies were so sweet and patient with me as I tried to  unwind from an insane drive and calmly teach the class :) In the photo above are Amy, Ruth and Kim...the ladies who have spearheaded this retreat for many years...and me and my cute daughter, Lindsey.
These are the favors we shared at one of the meals.  
A tiny kit for a Pea Pod Pincushion.

I taught the Seasons Pillow Slip and 
Springtime Hive Project 
Here are some of the fun ladies in my classes.  
You meet the nicest people teaching and at retreats!!
 The meals were really nice.
 Daniels Summit Lodge is beautiful and there is plenty of room to relax, read, stitch or chat.
Lindsey and I just wish we would have had one more night to enjoy it all a little more!

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Oh this looks simply lovely!