Saturday, March 3, 2012


This post is l o n g overdue!  It's a story that happened back in December of 2010.  I made brief mention of it on our family blog and never took the time to get the photos uploaded. I have finally finished uploading them. With the class our guild had with Kerry Green this past week, I was inspired to share this.  It seems many of us have fallen in love with embroidery and embellishing wool projects.  As you will see, Sally should wear a crown in this arena. She is a master at it!

Mark & I have made several pilgrimages to Boston. We love it back there. We love the American History, the quaint architecture, the amazing restaurants and my family roots from the New England area. My mom grew up about an hour south of Boston. This December Mark attended a conference there and we went with our dear friends. It was their first trip to Boston and we had a blast seeing it with new excitement.

Months before the trip I was doing some poking around online to see what was going on while we would be back there. To my surprise and delight I discovered one of my favorite artisans, Sally Mavor, would have some of her work on exhibit at Danforth Museum near Boston and she would be there doing a book signing while we were there! What a treat that day was! My friend Stacey & I got ourselves train tickets to Framingham and after one wrong turn and a walk through a dicey neighborhood, we got ourselves turned around and enjoyed the sweetest afternoon. Photos do not do justice to her incredible work. Seeing it firsthand was remarkable and I was even quoted in a local newspaper article!

We looked around the gallery while we waited for her lecture to begin.  It was so  captivating to study the beautiful three dimensional illustrations!  They were incredible! 

She was very warm and gracious as she chatted with us and signed books.

It was so fun to listen to her talk about her inspiration and the journey this project took her on.

If you have a few minutes - check out this link on Sally's blog.  It will give you a peek into her studio and her thoughts.


Gayle said...

How wonderful it must have been to meet her and see her work in person! It's beautiful!

I understand you got to meet with the Cache Valley rug hookers! Hope you had a good time!

Tammy N said...

Hi Leisa, I enjoy looking at your blog from time to time. Its amazing how we have shared similar interests over the years. I discovered Salley Mavor years ago and made two dolls from the kits she use to sell on her website. I have always been fascinated by her work. What a wonderful experience to see her work in person and meet her. I recently took an embroidery class from Kerri. I want to do more embroidery on wool like she does. I still want to come and see all your wool projects and studio.

leslie said...

These are unbelievable! Thanks for the look into your mind!